Water Filter Systems

Water Filter Systems

The watery chimney filter system, which cleans the dirty smoke through two tanks filled with water and releases clean air to the atmosphere, also prevents air pollution by providing clean air, which saves businesses from smoke, odor, air pollution, and fire. Zero smoke, zero smell, zero fire, thanks to the watery chimney filter.

Wet flue filter or electrostatic dry flue filter; It is an indispensable solution for the release of cleaner and healthier air to the atmosphere in bread ovens, restaurants, pita ovens, apartments, restaurants, factories, residences, in all areas where solid and liquid fuels are used. chimney filters; It is an indispensable part of businesses such as bakeries, restaurants and kebab shops.

Smokeless odorless chimney filter is mounted on the pipe coming out of the hood, and the particles in the air are cleaned with the water circulation system of the polluted air. According to the density of the smoke, the spray system is replicated and metal and carbon filter supports prevent odor, smoke and steam from escaping from the chimney. This system also reduces the risk of chimney fire to zero since it is installed close to the hood.

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