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Hood Ventilation Systems

Restaurant, cafe, dining hall, etc. We call the unit that transfers the absorbed odours to the air duct in order to prevent the spread of odours of the food prepared in such areas as hoods.

The hood cleans the polluted air by drawing in the contaminated air from the air ducts inside the hood and transferring it to the ventilation system, that is, to the air ducts.

The hood not only cleans the air, but also helps to filter and remove the heat generated during cooking and the moisture generated due to use.

It absorbs the dirty air generated in the cooking areas and replaces it with clean air.

In order to get full efficiency from the hoods, it is very important that they are placed at the focal point of the dirty air.

For this reason, the hood, which is generally preferred above the kitchen hobs, will thus minimise the risk of fire.

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