Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Systems

It is the process of transferring the clean air from the outside to the indoor environment by using various methods with the aim of making the polluted air of the closed areas cleaner, and creating air circulation by transferring the dirty air from the indoor environment to the outdoor environment. Indoor areas are required to establish a good ventilation system in order to expel the undesirable bad air to the outdoor environment and to transfer the clean air to the indoor environment.

Work areas, workplaces, hospitals, school, shopping malls etc. It is absolutely essential to ventilate indoor environments such as However, ventilation; It provides very limited protection against dangerous gases, dusts, steam and fumes.
An effective ventilation system provides a clean breathing environment that is not contaminated with chemicals for those who are indoors.

Our company, which serves as “Volkan Ventilation” to our valued customers with its experienced staff of more than 20 years in the field of ventilation systems of all kinds of indoor environments, first starts with the discovery of the environment you are in for your needs and expectations, then the project process is done, project approval and project approval for our valued customers. A price offer is submitted, after your approval, the production phase starts, the parts that are finished are assembled by our expert assembly team and after the necessary tests are made, the ventilation system is activated and the indoor area you are in is brought together with clean air.

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