Dust Collection Systems

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Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection system is a widely used method to improve air quality in working environments in industry.

Dust is the most effective factor on ambient air and working conditions, whether in businesses or in individual use areas, if we exclude thermal factors. While the main source of dust for individual areas is skin tissue, dust appears as natural elements according to the business activity in enterprises.

Dust Collection Systems are indispensable elements in creating an optimum working environment and preventing dust-related machine failures and employee discomfort. Dust collection systems work as a whole with dust collection units and dust collection filters and other elements.
Dust collection systems are used as the first technical equipment in order to obtain a healthy working efficiency and maximise operating efficiency.

Thanks to dust collection systems, the quality of the inhaled air is improved. This process is provided by separating the particles formed in the air depending on the environment from the environment.
The particles in the air are transferred to the dust collector filters thanks to the suction power provided by the dust collector unit.

Generally, machining, wood products, automotive, chemistry, metal, etc. in the sectors such as dust, sawdust, pigment, etc. formed in the production area. are systems designed to remove particles and create a cleaner and healthier working environment by filtering the ambient air.

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